Aku Pilih Kamu Full Movie 2013

on 09 November 2013

AKU PILIH KAMU FULL MOVIE 2013 sebuah filem arahan Aera Rahman lakonan mantap pelakon seperti Intan Ladyana, Fezrul dan Angah Raja lawak. Filem Aku Pilih Kamu ini merupakan filem terbitan MIG Pictures Sdn. Bhd.

Sinopsis Filem Aku Pilih Kamu

Qesya already in love with Iskandar for 5 years. Qesya wants Iskandar thinks about their future. Their relationship is strong and Qesya wantS to tie the knot. However Iskandar is ambitious. He wants to continue his study up to the highest level. Iskandar loves Qesya but he also does not want to sacrifice his dreams. Imran, Qesya’s father no longer bear to see his daughter going out with Iskandar, who he feels irresponsible. Imran resents their relationship because they both going out without any legal relationship. It is not an Islamic way of life for Imran. Qesya hates her father and Imran fuels up her anger when the old man yells at Iskandar. But in her heart, Qesya knows Imran is right. Iskandar has yet to prove his love to her by marrying her. Qesya life changes when Alif appears. Imran determined to marry Qesya with Alif because he is convinced that Alif can guides Qesya back to Islamic way. Qesya upset with her father because she is forced to marry someone that she does not know and love! What will happen in the end? Will Qesya still be married to Alif, her father’s choice or with Iskandar, who she thinks her true love? Watch the film ‘AKU PILIH KAMU’ coming soon in cinema.

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